Cox and SHOWTIME ORDER NOW and you can get $25 cash back* from SHOWTIME® 2 ways to order SHOWTIME®: Call 1-866-961-0137 Click Here: Order Online
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After you order SHOWTIME® follow these simple steps to claim your rebate.
Step 1 Contact Cox Advanced TV and order SHOWTIME® today!
Step 2 Collect three months of
original bills that indicate
your paid SHOWTIME®
subscription from Cox.
Step 3 Get your Rebate Form: Complete the Rebate Form entry fields and select the Print button. Click Here: Download Rebate Form Writing your name, address, and phone number on a 3" x 5" card also qualifies as a Rebate Form.
Step 4 Mail your three months of original bills and Rebate Form to:

Cox $25 Cash Back Program
Dept COX
P.O. Box 430796
El Paso, TX 88543-0796